CORNEAL Topography CT-1000

For Automatically Mapping the CORNEA.

IOL Master-500

For Calculating IOL Power.

Appa Yag Laser

For Removal of after Cataract & iridotomy.

Automatic Visual FIELD Machine

For Doing visual fields.

Stellaris (Bausch & Lomb)

For Cataract Surgery.

Zeiss Lasik Laser

For Spectacle Removal.

visucam lite Zeiss(fundus camera)

For Fundus Fluorescence Angiography.

Laser Photo coagulator Nidek

For Retinal Laser


 OCT Primus 200(Zeiss)

For retinal layer and glaucoma examination.

Lumera-I operating microscope(Zeiss)

For performing surgeries.



Autorefractometer (Nidek)

For computerized eye testing.

Compact (Intuitiv)

For computerized eye testing.

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